Poepol of the Week Award goes to the “science” teachers in South African schools that refuses to teach evolution. Well done you bunch of morons!!!



Religion forces science teacher to quit

2012-03-06 15:15

Duncan Alfreds

Cape Town – A science teacher at an upmarket Cape Town school has found herself at odds with senior staff over a desire to teach evolution in science lessons.

“I explicitly put teaching natural selection on the syllabus for the year; I made a three week slot; I came with practical experiments they could do. What I discovered was, I was the only person teaching natural selection,” said a science teacher at a Cape Town high school who spoke to News24 on condition of anonymity.

The source said that the teachers in the school’s science department were mainly Christian and that staff issued a reprimand over teaching the scientific concept.

“We’re talking about the head of biology, we’re talking about the longest standing member [of staff] who’s been there for more than 25 years and we’re talking about the most recent member who was trained in a Biology area.

“What he actively does in class is he poo poos the idea [of evolution], he makes kids laugh at the idea of the age of the Earth as proposed by scientists currently. He poo poos the fossil record, he gives what he believes is counter evidence to carbon dating,” the teacher said.


The theory of natural selection by evolution is accepted by science as the method by which species evolved to the ecosystem on the planet today, however, evangelical religious groups in the US have lobbied that creationism is should also be taught as a competing theory in science lessons.

“Sometimes the way science is reported and transmitted to the public may cause confusion. Another thing to bear in mind is that perhaps the world isn’t that simple.

“Sometimes the world is very complicated it is difficult to communicate science to the public and the result is that some people have a negative view of science and then science communicators then bend over backward to try and accommodate people while they on the other hand, they know it is E=mc², it’s not E=mc² plus baby Jesus,” psychohistorian Auke Slotegraaf told News24.

For the teacher, she worried that the lack of competent science education hampers the learning of school students.

“I met a Muslim Biology teacher who refused to teach evolution and I met a Christian Geography teacher who refused to teach plate tectonics.

“They [the children] have no understanding of evolution by natural selection,” said the teacher.

Parents who had been made aware of the teacher’s lesson plans had apparently also told their children to dismiss the teacher’s lessons.

“One kid told me that his dad had already told him that he was to ignore everything that I said about evolution because it was a load of nonsense. The parents are preparing them to reject it.”

Conservative attitudes have forced many in science into being on the defensive and the source said that since leaving the school, the teacher’s lot has not improved.

“So now I find myself out of the frying pan into the fire.”

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Christians squirm over Noah novel


Christians squirm over Noah novel

2012-03-05 09:56by Marlene Malan

Cape Town – A story about murder, violence and sex set aboard Noah’s Ark during the great flood may upset some Christian readers when it is published in Afrikaans shortly.

Die Arkvaarders (In The Shadow of the Ark), written by Belgian novelist Anne Provoost, was first published in 2001 and has already made international headlines.

The book, which portrays Noah and his sons as murderers and rapists, is part of the high school syllabus in the Netherlands.

American critics such as Harriet Klausner and Faith V Smith said that although the book is well written, “it’s not for everyone”.

“Provoost’s portrayal of these Biblical figures unsettles readers,” said Klausner.

The book has been translated into seven languages and has won many literary prizes.

“Bible readers will take offence to the sadistic deeds of murder and violence, as well as the sexual undertone, in the description of life on the Ark during the flood,” said Smith.

“It contains sexual detail which could have probably been left out.”

Loaded sexual atmosphere

A loaded sexual atmosphere is depicted between Noah’s son Ham and Re Jana, a teenager that Ham smuggled onto the Ark.

The story sees the 14-year-old girl bathing Ham and his brothers, Shem and Japhet.

Lesbian relationships and teenage pregnancy are also prevalent in the book.

According to Protea Boekhuis, the publisher of the Afrikaans version, it is possible that the book will be a prescribed reading in South African high schools.

Mr Nicol Stassen, Protea Boekhuis’s CEO, said Provoost is one of the most successful youth authors of the Netherlands.

“One of her other books, Vallen (Falling), has been translated into nine languages. A successful film was made of it.”

‘A literary gem’

According to Mr Izak de Vries, Protea’s marketing head, the novel is a literary gem.

“It’s for the old and young. I do target adults in my marketing, but look at works such as Die Uurwek Kantel and Toorberg. They aren’t books for teenagers, but both sold thousands in schools.

“In South Africa we have so-called “setworks” and then we have books that have been approved for libraries. We do indeed suggest books to the education departments. I will suggest Die Arkvaarders.”

Stassen said “There’s nothing in the book that young readers haven’t seen on TV or in movies. Someone who’s surprised by the themes or actions in the book hasn’t read a teen book, or any book for that matter, in the last 20 years.

“It’s perhaps a good thing if the some of the church elders read the book. In my experience, the people who would complain are those who don’t read other books and aren’t prepared to listen to others’ viewpoints.

“The Bible contains a lot of sex and violence. There’s nothing in Die Arkvaarders which isn’t in the Bible as well.”

‘Polluting the holy book’

In contrast, Dr Isak Burger, president of the AGS, complained that the book “pollutes the holy book of Christians.

“It’s irresponsible to prescribe such a book to scholars.

“It’s disgusting, even though it’s fiction. There are no references in the Bible or from any other source that justify this drivel.

“It was this kind of immorality and sexual abuse that led to God flooding the world.

“Because the faithful, just Noah and his family had not yet succumbed to this perverse lifestyle, that is why God chose them.”

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Poepol van die Week: Dr BIS van der Ventel


Hands down this poepol, Dr BIS van der Ventel, wins our prestigious Poepol van die Week Award. He works at the Physics Department, at the University of Stellenbosch. Talk about batshit crazy and delusional. I always imagine that someone who writes shit like this must be drooling on themselves half the day. Another great example of how religion rots away healthy brains. How can the University of Stellenbosch employ this guy? It must be a huge embarrassment for them when people point this out.

Darwin and the lie of evolution

Dr B. I. S. van der Ventel
The year 2009 marked the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin, and the
150th anniversary of the publication of his book: “On the origin of the species”.
The secular media with their undeniable anti-Christian agenda went to great
lengths to promote this event. Programmes such as National Geographic,
Discovery Channel, BBC Knowledge, etc… all featured documentaries analysing
Darwin’s theory and the impact it had on science and society. The question of
course is what must our attitude as Christians be towards this theory? In other
words, is it compatible with, or antagonistic towards, our Christian faith?
The basic premise of evolution is that all life on planet earth descended from a
common ancestor. Essentially it maintains that complex creatures evolved
naturally over an enormous amount of time from very primitive building blocks.
There are three reasons why the theory of evolution cannot be accepted by
Christians. Firstly, since it argues that life evolved over time without the aid of a
Creator, it is in direct contrast with the book of Genesis. In this first book of the
Bible it is very clear that God created the heavens and the earth. In Gen 1: 26 it
states that we humans are created in God’s image. The plant and animal
kingdoms were also created separately from Man. Secondly, if we can call into
question and compromise on the story of creation as outlined in the Bible, then
many other stories and events in the Bible may be questioned and made out to
be unscientific or implausible. This can clearly lead to a “domino effect” and
ultimately we can question the inerrancy and infallibility of the entire Bible as the
True and Eternal Word of God. Thirdly, if there is no need for a Creator, then
there is also no need for a plan of salvation, and this ultimately is an outright
attack on the personage of our Lord Jesus Christ and His redeeming work on the
cross. It is therefore very clear that the theory of evolution must be seen as being
antagonistic towards the core principles of our faith and should therefore be
actively opposed by Bible-believing Christians. Furthermore, the theory of
evolution causes many to turn their backs on God and therefore (in light of the
Great Commission) we are compelled to oppose this false teaching.
In the whole evolution versus creation debate, the secular media frequently
creates the impression that those who oppose the theory belong to the Dark
Ages and have no scientific foundation for their position. After all, many scientists
in the world accept or support evolution. Firstly, we as Christians must recall that
“Fools say to themselves, ‘There is no God’ ” (Ps. 14:1), “How clearly the sky
reveals God’s glory” (Ps. 19:1), “Ever since God created the world, his invisible
qualities, both his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen; they
are perceived in the things that God has made. So those people have no excuse
at all!” (Rom. 1:20) and “For what the world considers wisdom is nonsense in
God’s eyes” (1 Cor. 3: 19). The last passage especially illustrates that the Bible
has complete authority over any scientific textbook ever written by man. The
Apostle Paul writes in 2 Tim. 3:16 that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is
useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”. The
statements these scientists make concerning the origin of life must be tested
against what the Bible has to say. If it is found to contradict the Bible then it must
be rejected as lies. Secondly, it is a complete and utter fallacy to think that there
is no scientific evidence for creation or intelligent design. There is a wealth of
resources available to Christians on this topic. These include the website of
Creation Ministries International (http://creation.com), the DVD and book by Lee
Strobel, “The case for a Creator”, Kenneth Poppe’s “Exposing Darwinism’s
weakest link”, Kerby Anderson’s “A biblical point of view on Intelligent Design”
and many more. It is of course not possible to delve here into the creation versus
evolution debate in all its details, but here are a few facts for us to remember as
we are bombarded by messages from the secular media incorrectly glorifying the
theory of evolution.
1. The “Origin of Life” experiment by Stanley Miller, performed in 1953, has
been totally discredited. This experiment showed that if you combine
methane, ammonia, hydrogen and water vapour in a glass apparatus with
electrical sparks (to simulate lightning) then you can produce amino acids
which are the building blocks of life. At the time it was believed that these
gases constituted the atmosphere of the earth before life began. Note that
the assumption of an “old earth” (i.e. billions of years) is necessary for the
theory of evolution to work. This contradicts the biblical view that the earth
is but a few thousand years old. (See the insightful article “How old is the
earth according to the Bible?” at http://www.icr.org/article/1137/). This
experiment was hailed as the great triumph of evolutionary ideas since it
apparently showed that the building blocks of life can be formed without
the intervention of God. However, further research showed that the
assumption concerning the initial gases was incorrect. Within the
evolutionary framework it was found that carbon dioxide, nitrogen and
water vapour constituted the early atmosphere and these gasses cannot
produce amino acids. Evolutionists therefore run into a considerable
problem: their models for the initial composition of the earth’s atmosphere
does not allow for the formation of amino acids. To quote Lee Strobel:
“Materialistic explanations for the origin of life were deeply flawed.”
2. In his book Darwin proposed the “Tree of Life” which formed the basis of
his theory, namely that every species of animal and plant evolved from
some common ancestor over enormous periods of time. The key idea is
that evolution takes place in small steps with species at the upper levels of
the tree showing great diversity. However, the “missing links” required by
Darwin’s theory do not show up in the fossil record. This “Tree of Life”
concept is also totally refuted by the so-called “Cambrian Explosion”, a
geological event where the body plans for virtually every major animal
phyla appeared not gradually (as proposed by Darwin) but suddenly. Even
the secular scientific journal New Scientist recently published an article
called “Axing Darwin’s tree” wherein the notion of a “Tree of Life” is
disputed. Note that these are non-Christian scientists who have to
concede that current scientific evidence does not point to a “Tree of Life”
as proposed by Darwin.
3. The Biosphere2 experiment showed that even under perfectly controlled
laboratory conditions it is not possible to sustain life. In contrast, planet
earth has an extraordinary, complex and elaborate self-sustaining ecosystem
which could not have occurred by chance.
4. Physics has shown that there are a number of so-called physical
constants which must have very precise and specific values for life to
occur. For example, without gravity there would be no stars and planets.
Without the strong nuclear force there would be no atoms and hence no
chemical reactions, and ultimately no life. The physical constants
associated with these physical phenomena are finely tuned and have
exactly the right values for life to exist. Is this purely chance?
These are just a few examples, but there are many more. In the academic and
scientific environments Christians experience tremendous adversity and
discrimination if they air their opposition to the theory of evolution. Secular
scientific journals do not allow articles to be published which seek to offer
scientific evidence that point to the Creator. It is for this reason that a group of
Bible-believing and committed Christians, who are also scientists, came together
to start the excellent magazine called Creation, published by Creation Ministries
International. This magazine offers countless examples of the failure of the
theory of evolution and the vast scientific evidence for a Creator. The articles are
written in a clear and concise manner and will appeal to scientists and lay-people
alike. The scientists who contribute to this magazine travel the world giving
lectures on the scientific truths of the Bible. They present scientific evidence for
the Genesis story of creation and the flood, amongst other things. The key point
to note here is that they present scientific evidence. This is in stark contrast to
the secular media who always creates the impression that the Bible is an
outdated book and should be discarded in the light of scientific discoveries. Once
again, a complete and utter lie! Creation also has a section called “Creation for
Kids” where the biblical story of creation and all its implications are explained to
children. This is especially important as our children are under severe attack from
the forces of Satan. In the May 2009 edition of Joy! magazine it was reported that
the government is investing millions of rands into the promotion of evolution at
school level. This is just another way in which God and the Bible is removed from
our schools and education system.
The whole evolution versus creation debate must be seen against the backdrop
of a much larger battle waging between God and Satan for the souls of men and
women. The secular media wants to portray the Devil as cool and a nice guy (for
example the series “Reaper” on M-Net), but the Bible describes him as a roaring
lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). The theory of evolution is just
one of the many ways in which the Devil wants to attack the personage of our
Lord Jesus Christ, in order to turn us away from His redeeming work on the
When we as Christians are faced with the evolution versus creation debate we
need no longer step back. No! Let us, from a human point of view call on the vast
scientific evidence in support of creation, and from a spiritual point of view call on
the infallible, inerrant Word of God which states: “In the beginning God created
the heaven and the earth.” (Gen 1:1)

The Poepol of the Week Award goes to: Matt


Here is another good example of a real poepol, named Matt. He writes on the News24 Website: “We are Christians. My son is still young, but we are already doing our homework to find a good, Christian school for him that teaches Creation in place of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory.” ………….”The point is that in a country where we supposedly have religious freedom, in actual fact we do not. Either South Africa’s public education system relies on the ignorance of parents, or clearly violates our Constitution. ” Just because his dogma bullshit is not taught in the public schools anymore, he starts crying that his human rights are been violated. Typical persecution syndrome all fundamentalists suffer from. A good example of a self inflicted wound, that he is determined to inflict on his own child too. But he demands that it also gets inflicted on all other children, to make things more convenient for him and his delusional brethren. Lies for jesus. An ignoramus who clings to the “facts” of an ancient book written in the bronze age by an ignorant bunch of nomadic goat herders who treated their women like livestock. He doesn’t even know what the word theory means in context to evolution. This brain dead moron has never read a single book but his precious bible.

Congratulations Matt, you are South Africa’s Poepol of the Week!!!!

No religious freedom in SA

2011-07-21 13:06

by Matt

Brothers and sisters, we live in South Africa; a country that is purported to have freedom of religion.

To quote our Constitution: Section 31 states that “Persons belonging to a cultural, religious or linguistic community may not be denied the right, with other members of that community to enjoy their culture, practice their religion and use their language; and to form, join and maintain cultural, religious and linguistic associations and other organs of civil society.”

Section 16 contains detailed provisions with regards to freedom of expression, stating “Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes freedom of the press and other media; freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; freedom of artistic creativity; and academic freedom and freedom of scientific research.”

Well, although this may be a part of our Constitution, I have just learned that there is at least one area where this is blatantly ignored, and as a result our freedom of religion is denied.

We are Christians. My son is still young, but we are already doing our homework to find a good, Christian school for him that teaches Creation in place of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory. We are doing this for two reasons:

1) Christianity and evolution are not compatible at all. The Bible teaches that God created everything, including us, and we are created unique, yet all in His image, which makes us special. The Big Bang Theory teaches that everything came from nothing and that we are just evolved from animals, which means we are nothing more than mere organisms. Although many have tried to mix Christianity with this theory, it is absolutely impossible to do so without compromising the Bible or adding to the Scriptures.

2) If Evolution et al were factual; that is, provable beyond any doubt, we would have no reason to deny our son that teaching. If schools want to teach about the existence of the theory, that is fine. But school textbooks make the theory out to be factual when it has still never been proven. Worse, they use lies to support the theory and pass them off as facts. For example, Ernst Haeckel devised the notion in 1869 of “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”. For 5 years he travelled throughout Germany to tell people that there is proof for human evolution because our embryos briefly display “gill slits” like fish. His own university, the University of Jena, held a trial and he confessed that he had deliberately lied – with false claims and false drawings of embryos – in order to get people to believe in evolution. However, 137 years later, this proven lie is still used as “proof” in many textbooks and TV documentaries. I simply refuse to have my son lied to at school!

We are perfectly within our rights to do so. Apparently though, it is too much for me to ask that my son is not taught lies. In other countries, it is possible you have your child excluded from a particular class or subject on the grounds that it goes against your religious belief. However, I have learned that this is not possible in South Africa. The school district decides on the curriculum, including which subjects are required. If your child is in a public school and you object for whatever reason to a subject; if that subject is required teaching, the school is required to teach your child this subject regardless of your feelings.

Complaining to the school is futile because their curriculum is dictated by the school district. If you have further objection, your only recourse is to take it to the Department of Education. So far, my experience with them in general is that you write to them and they flat out ignore you.

The point of me writing this is NOT to start a creation-evolution debate. We have plenty of those on News24 already! The point is that in a country where we supposedly have religious freedom, in actual fact we do not. Either South Africa’s public education system relies on the ignorance of parents, or clearly violates our Constitution.

In the case of my concern, I write as a Christian but this particular topic easily applies to followers of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, for all are founded on the belief that there is a Creator God.

So what does this mean for my son’s education? Well, he is currently attending a very good crèche in our area. He is learning Christian stuff; however, the crèche is a feeder school for a local public school, which will teach him material for which we have valid reasons to object. Or to put it simply, what is the point of the crèche teaching him certain values when public school will teach the exact opposite?

And as parents who are now worried about what our son will learn at school, with clear ignorance of our rights by the public education system, it looks like we have no option but to go private. Right now the only school we can find in a 20km radius is in Modderfontein, which means we will have to move to an area where rent is double; it means paying a lot of money each month. Fortunately for us, we could just about afford it, even if we have to make cutbacks. But not everybody can afford private school, can they?

One day, it is my dream to start a Creation Ministry in South Africa to teach people and get people saved, as well as fight the Department of Education. But in my current absence of paperwork, money and backing, all I can do for now is plead with parents to take an active interest in your children’s school curriculum and make sure that what they are being taught is both correct, and not in violation of your right to religious freedom. If either of those is in question, storm the schools, districts and Department of Education with your complaints. It is our duty as parents to give our children the best of everything and to protect them from the ills of the world – such a pity that one of those ills is the very government that is meant to serve us!

Finally, just something that all Christian teachers should seriously consider:

James 3:1 – My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation.

Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

In other words, in your role as a teacher it is vital that you be truthful, because it is you who receives the greater condemnation – for if you teach something that is wrong, your pupils will believe you and they will go on to teach others that which is wrong. And be extremely careful about what you teach our children, and know what Jesus says about those teaching something that goes against His Word and corrupts the children!

I would welcome the Department of Education to answer and refute what I write – because that would mean they’re addressing the concern of worried parents. I doubt they will though…

Gretha Wiid is ‘n dom fokken poes.


Hier is ‘n artikel in die Huisgenoot oor Gretha Wiid:


“”Gretha Wiid se streng seksgebooie

Gretha Wiid is die toonbeeld van ’n moderne, modieuse vrou. En manlief Francois pas perfek aan haar sy met sy gejelde hare en bonkige juweliersware.

Sy skroom nie om woorde soos seks, masturbasie en orgasme te gebruik nie – sy verdien immers haar brood met praatjies, met handleidings wat sy oor seksopvoeding skryf en met die verkoop van DVD’s oor onder meer die huwelik. Maar Gretha is terselfdertyd ’n vrou wat nege jaar gelede tot bekering gekom het, destyds op die rand van bankrotskap en met haar eie huwelik wankelend oor Francois se affair.

In Pretoria het baie moedelose getroudes aanklank gevind by haar boodskap. En toe sy verlede jaar in die styl van die prediker Angus Buchan haar eie Worthy Woman Conference hier aanbied, het nie minder nie as 7 000 vroue kom luister.

Maar deesdae is dit veral haar en Francois se DVD met die titel Seks en die Huwelik wat opslae maak. Daarin sê sy immers hoogs omstrede dinge soos dat alleen-masturbasie sowel buite as binne die huwelik taboe is, nes seksspeelgoed, en dat God se gees nie deel kan wees van seks buite die eg nie.

Eintlik is enige intimiteit voor die huwelik uit, sê sy. Ongeag jou omstandighede, daardie lyn mag nie oorgesteek word nie. “Dit beteken ook nie jy moet trou om vinniger seks te hê nie. Jy moet net trou as jy weet dit is die maat wat God vir jou uitgesoek het.

“God het nie bedoel dat jy jou eie lyf moet ontdek nie. Ek weet seksoloë sal van my verskil, maar dit doen meer skade as goed. “Om te ontdek wat jou prikkel, is iets wat jy saam met jou man moet doen.”

Die lyn is inderdaad fyn: In die huwelik mag julle mekaar se liggame geniet en wedersyds betas, sê Gretha, maar wel nie alleen nie.

“Die riglyne is nie om jou pret te bederf nie, maar om jou te beskerm. Ons weet uit duur ondervinding hoe geseënd ’n mens binne dié raamwerk kan leef. Dit is wat God vir almal wil hê.” “”


Ok mense, dis maar een artikel wat wys watse dom fokken hoer poes Gretha Wiid is. Jy kan nie hierdie kak self uitdink nie. Maar Gretha, die self aangewese seks expert van god, jesus en die heilige gees, wat al drie nie van doos hou nie, is aan die brand met haar heilige raad oor masturbasie en seks. Fok my!!!!! Hoekom luister ons mense na hierdie mal kont? Sy behoort in ‘n malhuis, nie in ons skole nie. Sy en een of ander dom poes Suid Afrikaanse sanger gaan van hoerskool tot hoerskool en vertel vir die meisies hulle mag nie met hulle koekies speel nie, en hulle kerels mag ook nie met hulle koekies speel nie.  Dit laat liewe jesus huil. Fok my!!!!! Die mal fokken kont!!!!

Dit raak beter:

Gretha Wiid reageer op julle kommentaar


Huisgenoot gee nou vir Gretha ‘n kans om te reageer op al die kommentaar op ons artikel, Gretha Wiid se streng seksgebooie.

Hallo julle almal, Gretha Wiid hier.

Gedink ek wil ‘n paar dinge in perspektief stel.  In die eerste plek dink ek dis belangrik om te verstaan dat geen artikel ooit enige iemand se persepsies en oortuigings volledig kan weerspieël nie.

En om iemand se hart net ten dele te hoor of te ken, beteken dat jy met ‘n halwe prentjie sit oor iemand.

Joernalistiek is ook meestal subjektief en skryfwerk word nou maar eenmaal gefilter deur die joernalis se eie  persepsies en oortuiginge.  Die blote feit dat die opskrif verwys na seksgebooie plant reeds die gedagte en persepsie by die leser dat dit my reëls is, en dat ek daarmee die septer wil swaai. Is dit hoe Huisgenoot my sien?

Ek glo dat baie van julle sou verkies om te dink dat ek reageer omdat ek myself wil verdedig, of om mense (soos julle) te probeer oortuig.  Dit is nie wat leef in my hart nie.  Huisgenoot het egter my opinie gevra. My opinie, dis al.  ‘n Opinie wat ek graag wil toets aan dit wat ek glo waar is… God se Woord.

As kerk (liggaam van Christus) het ons so lou geword.

Moslems blaas plekke en mense op vir hulle geloof.  Hulle staan op in skole as hulle geloof teenkanting kry. (Fok my!!!!!! Dis haar idea van god dien? Hierdie mal fokken hoer poes is gevaarlik!!!!!!)

Ons christene kyk anderpad. Ons wil God net volg solank ons niks moet opoffer nie. Ons wil glo dat ons kerke ons kan red, dat ons predikers se woord die begin en die einde van openbaring en die volle waarheid is. Ons wil God ken, maar Hom nie dien nie. Ons wil kerk-kerk speel, en elke Sondag ‘n quick-fix of ‘n spike vir die week kry.

Maar om die braaivleisvuur met drank en vuil grappe word God opsy geskuif – Hy wil mos hê dat ons die lewe moet geniet, reg?  Ons sê elke mens sleg wat durf iets aanhaal uit God se Woord wat ons dalk aanvat of konfronteer – ons verdoem hulle as arrogant en as valse profete.

Doen asb die moeite om ten minste 2 Tim. 4: 1-5 te gaan lees.  Daar lees ons dat daar ‘n tyd sal kom dat mense net wil luister na dinge wat hulle nie konfronteer of aanvat nie.  ‘n Gemaksone waar ons glo dat ons almal eintlik okay en gered is net omdat ons sê dat ons christene is of aan ‘n kerk behoort.

As jy ‘n kind van die Here is – nie ‘n geheime agent vir die koninkryk nie – dan is dit ook jóú plig om te staan by God se Woord.  En as iemand jou vra wat reg is volgens God, mag jy mos geen ander lering as die Woord as antwoord gee nie. God sê hoeka dat ‘n fontein nie vars én brak water kan gee nie.  Is jy vars of brak?  Warm of koud?

Kies dan vandag weer, en staan daarby – in publiek, in jou kamer, tussen jou eie mense, tussen vreemdes.  En hou daarby – selfs al word jy uitgekryt en sleggesê.  Dis die minste wat ons kan doen om Jesus te eer vir die lyding wat Hy vir ons moes deurgaan.  Ons vlees moet neergelê word, sodat ons gees kan lewe!

Ons is so vinnig om te verkondig (en te verdedig) dat ons nie mag oordeel nie.  Natuurlik mag ons nie ménse oordeel nie, maar ons mag die vrug wat ons dra meet aan wat God sê.

Jesus self het vir die prostituut se menswees opgekom deur haar omstanders uit te daag om die eerste klip te gooi as hulle nie self sonde het nie.  Net daarna het Hy egter aan haar gesê om te gaan, en nie meer vol te hou met daardie sonde nie.  Jesus het nie die mens geoordeel nie, maar die sonde wel. En wie is ek om te sê wat sonde is en wat nie?  Die Woord is my riglyn.

Daarmee saam oordeel ek nie die sonde van enigiemand nie – net God is by magte om dit te doen. Maar as ek gevrá word wat ek dink reg en verkeerd is in God se oë, is die Woord my grondslag. So sal Hy ook my sonde oordeel – waarvan daar steeds baie is!  Maar as kind van die Here kán ek nie, en mág ek nie stilbly oor wat God se Woord sê net omdat ek mense se teenkanting vrees nie – spesifiek nie wanneer ek in die openbare arena gevra word om my opinie nie.

Jesus Christus is Koning en sy Woord staan bo ALLES! Maak die Woord altyd vir ons sin?  Nee!  Is dit vir ons menslike verstand altyd duidelik waarom God sekere dinge as sonde uitwys?  Ook nie. Solank ons op aarde is sal ons net net dele ken, onthou julle?  En slim redenasies kan ook nie die Waarheid uitrafel nie.

Die Woord self leer ons so in 1 Kor. 1:18-31.  Die Woord leer ons dat God se gedagtes vêr bo ons gedagtes is.  ons koppe en ons vlees sal nooit volle sin maak daaruit nie.  dit sal vir altyd ‘n stryd wees tussen gees en vlees – dit wat ons wíl, en dit wat ons móét!

So baie van julle het vrae gehad oor dinge soos masturbasie.  Ek lees wat God sê oor vleeslike begeertes en drange – nie ‘n Gretha Wiid opinie nie, ‘n Woord waarheid –  (Rom. 8:5, Kol.3:5, Gal.5:19, 2 Pet.2:10, 1 Joh.2:16, ens.), en begeer om my lewe daarvolgens in te rig.  Nie koekerig en verkramp ten opsigte van die seksuele nie – maar bevry, vol pret en avontuur, maar binne God se raamwerk.

Vir die dames wat glo dat my man ‘n buite-egtelike verhouding gehad het agv ‘n onbevredigende sekslewe saam met my – jy’s geregtig om so te dink.

Ek is oortuig dat ek steeds baie het om te leer. Ek het egter reeds geleer dat mans nie noodwendig rondloop weens ‘n gebrek aan seks by die huis nie, maar meer as dikwels eerder weens ‘n soeke na erkenning van sy manwees, onopgeloste seer uit die verlede en ‘n soeke om identiteit te bevestig.

Daar is so baie vrouens wat seer het omdat hulle altyd moet hoor dat hulle mans rondgeloop het agv van hulle ontoereikendheid of kwansuise onvermoë.  Dis nie noodwendig waar nie.

My eie man het lank gesoek na die maatstaf van sukses, die finale kriteria van ‘being man enough’.  So baie mans wil hulle manwees probeer bewys met geld, karre, mag in die besigheidswêreld, gesag in die huis, alkohol, pornografie….ag, noem dit.

Hulle vroue kan mooi, sexy, smeulend en baie vaardig wees as dit seks kom, dan sal die man se soeke en leemte steeds nie gevul wees nie.Francois is nie skaam om oor sy verlede en sy foute te praat nie, want God het hom kom heelmaak.  Sy identiteit is geleë in sy Vader. Punt!  Natuurlik het ek ‘n stewige bydrae daartoe gehad dat my man iemand anders se arms opgesoek het.

Ek het vir my kinders geleef en hom emosioneel afgeskeep.  Elke mens soek tog erkenning, waardering en bewondering by sy/haar maat?  Ek het dit nie aan hom gegee nie.  Seks wel – maar nie bewondering nie, nie respek vir sy mens- en manwees nie.  En dít is my en Francois se boodskap:  ons moet na mekaar kyk – almal van ons in verhoudinge.

Ons leef so maklik by mekaar verby, praat by mekaar verby en groei op die ou end weg van mekaar.  Geen seks in die wêreld kan so iets red nie.  Spr. 27:7 sê dat selfs ‘n bitter eetding lekker sal wees vir iemand wat werklik honger is.

Baie vroue knoop aanlyn verhoudinge aan, sms-verhoudinge met kollegas, intieme geselsies met manne by die werk – bloot omdat hulle by daardie persoon waardevol, belangrik, mooi, interessant, en gewaardeerd voel.  En dan drink hulle maklik die beker van bitter water – net om hulle harte se dors te les.  Owerspel gaan allermins altyd oor seks…inteendeel. Dis die dinge wat ons harte en menswees voed wat ons bymekaar hou, nie seks nie.

Ek hoop dat julle my hart sal raaklees hierin – ‘n hart wat graag vir alle mense liefde en tyd wil hê, maar allereers, ‘n hart wat gebind is aan die hart van God. Jy kan kies om dit te beskou as ‘n opinie, of actually jou Bybel optel en sélf vir die antwoord gaan soek.  Party van julle soek bewyse?  Waar is die bewyse van jóú antwoorde uit die Woord?

The only thing evil needs to prosper, is for good men to do nothing and fear the onslaught of people.  Compromise God se Woord, en jy compromise jou eie blessing!””

He-he. Mens kan duidelik sien sy het lekker die klits kweit geraak.

Ouens soek nie dié ‘girls’, sê Bobby


Byna 800 gillende meisiestemme het Bobby van Jaarsveld se sterstatus gisteroggend by die Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool in Pretoria luidkeels bevestig.


En toe hy me. Marna Jordaan, skoolhoof, soen om haar geluk te wens met haar verjaardag, was die toejuiging oorverdowend.


Maar op ‘n manier was die boodskap wat Van Jaarsveld gister saam met me. Gretha Wiid gebring het, eintlik ‘n weerspreking van alles wat sterstatus beteken.


Die boodskap, wat ook beskikbaar is op ‘n nuwe DVD, Die Hollywood Hang-up, het die meisies aangemoedig om hulle nie deur die skyn van Hollywoodflieks te laat mislei nie, maar om goeie keuses in hul lewens te maak.


Van Jaarsveld het gesê goeie ouens soek nie “enige los ‘girl’ “ wat haar lyf aan die wêreld wys nie.


Ouens wat net ‘n meisie se lyf soek, soek dit ook net vir een aand.


Wiid het gesê as ‘n meisie haar lyf adverteer, sal die ouens nie vir haar hart gaan nie.


As ‘n meisie ‘n ou soek wat haar wil hê vir wie sy is, moet sy wees wie sy is.


Van Jaarsveld het ook gewaarsku dat jongmense nie dieselfde foute as hy moet maak deur te drink nie.


As jy dit doen, kan jy nie meer lekker dink nie en dan verloor jy al jou waardes, het hy gesê.


Wiid het vertel haar grootste droom was om as ‘n maagd te trou.


Op universiteit het dinge egter vir haar verkeerd geloop en toe ‘n ou een aand aanbied om vir haar ‘n drankie te koop, het sy gevoel: Stuff die wêreld.


Sy het daardie aand te veel gedrink en seks gehad. Sy weet tot vandag toe nie met wie nie.


Sy het haar grootste droom prys gegee, nie omdat sy besluit het om seks te hê nie, maar weens haar houding wat haar te veel laat drink het.


Wiid het die verhaal van die fliek August Rush vertel en van die liefde daarin wat op ‘n geheimsinnige verbintenis tussen twee karakters gegrond is.


“Dis ‘n klomp twak,” het sy gesê. Dis die flieks, nie hoe dit regtig gebeur nie.


Die basis van ‘n verhouding is nie so ‘n connection nie, maar dat twee mense vriende kan wees, dat hulle hulself bymekaar kan wees en nie teenoor mekaar hoef voor te gee nie.


Waar die byeenkoms met oorverdowende gille begin het, is dit in stilte afgesluit, terwyl Van Jaarsveld vir die meisies gebid het en hulle spontaan mekaar se hande vasgehou het.””


Wat kan mens se????? Gretha Wiid is ‘n dom fokken hoer poes.


Pre-marital sex ‘end of church’


Pretoria – “If the Dutch Reformed Church has decided to justify living together and sex before marriage, it will most certainly mean the final collapse of the church.” (Great!!!!! I wish it was true!)

This is the opinion of Gretha Wiid, presenter of the Worthy Women Conference (WWC), amid debates regarding the possibility that the Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk) will revise its policy regarding unmarried couples living together and sex beyond the confines of marriage.

“I don’t care what the pope, the church or anyone else says. My husband, Francois, and I believe that marriage is sacred, and that sex before marriage can only be harmful,” she told Beeld on Wednesday.

According to Wiid, sex is not just about a relationship between two people, but rather about a covenant between them and God. (Lekker 3some action. Are you feeling it god? Is that the right spot?)

Drastic moral decay

“If these decisions are confirmed, we’ll see even more drastic moral decay among our youth. We’ll see hurt and damaged adults in the world.

“The church is handing pain and brokenness on a silver platter to those who’ve given sex before marriage some thought,” said Wiid.

Wiid says that as long as people continue to adjust God’s word to fit in with their own lifestyle, they will just behave more rebelliously.

“Before you know it, we, the Christians, will be revising God.” (Duh…. people have been revising gods forever. Gretha must be half brain dead.)

“It’s terrifying and yet also exciting, because it just goes to show that we’re living in the last days,” said Wiid. (She wants the world to end. She can’t fucking wait. The delusional fucking cunt!!!)

Wiid is a relationship counsellor and motivational speaker who has been active with youth ministry in schools over the past eight years, and for the past four years she’s been presenting women’s get-togethers each Saturday. On Wednesday she said that she’s planning to launch her own talk show, possibly even as soon as March next year.

“We’ve been keeping our faith in the Lord for this opportunity for many years.”

Wiid plans to focus “deeply on family relationships” in the current affairs programme.

Thieves within a marriage

“There are many thieves within a marriage. Everything from the television to working overtime. The employer no longer understands that his employee has a family who’s waiting for him or her in the evenings.

“If marriage became important to the employer, marriage would also be elevated. I want to facilitate topical conversations among family members,” Wiid said excitedly. She did not want to elaborate further on this topic.

After many rumours that the WWC had only been a quick money-making scheme for the Wiids, she says she’s been in the ministry for many years already, and that the WWC happened to be the first conference to receive so much exposure.

“What most people don’t know is that I’ve done three other women’s conferences this year, each attended by nearly 1 000 women. But WWC just received much more exposure.

“And Francois and I did not go to Mauritius after the WWC,” Wiid joked.

“We believe in our hearts that, if marriages are healthy in all aspects, a generation of emotionally healthy children will be born. The people who are going to be deciding about living together and premarital sex should know that they will have to account for their decisions one day. And they will.”


Ons arme ou volkie. Hoer poesse soos Gretha Wiid gee ons almal ‘n slegte naam. Fok mense, word asseblief wakker. Hierdie teef is so mal soos ‘n haas wat hondsdolleid het.




God’s will shall be done.


Whenever I hear some religious leader telling his or her flock that god wants this, and he doesn’t like that, it reminds me of the time I grew up during the apartheid era in South Africa. The vicars/priests all preached that what the Afrikaner people were doing to the people of color in SA was right. It was all god’s will, and he had a plan for them. The Afrikaner people were all god’s chosen people, and what they were doing to the other people in the country was fine, because they had it coming. Now they have swept that duzy nicely under the carpet, and nobody talks about it anymore.

Those fucking fundie wankers keeps blaming the devil for everything that is wrong in their lives and the world. They are so fucking superstitious, that it is quite an embarrassment to call them my fellow Afrikaners. It’s always god this and god that, god’s will, it’s all part of his plan, etc etc etc. Quite tiresome.

But they, as all fundamentalists, believe that what ever they want, is their god given right. Still today, these wankers are forcing their religion down other peoples children’s necks in the public schools, and they are going to fight for what they “believe” is their right to keep doing this.

The poor buggers. Like all fundies, they fight for their right to remain ignorant and just plain fucking stupid. Quite astonishing. Talk about a self inflicted wound!

The thing I have a huge problem with, is that they try to inflict this wound of being a fucking ignorant dumbass on other peoples children. There has to be a line drawn. Oh, wait, there is a pretty clear line. It is called the South African Constitution. But try and explain this to a gorilla. The gorilla would have a better chance of understanding this than a fucking fundie.

Yes, good luck to you dumb fuckers out there. Fall on your knees and pray all you like. Your god is nothing but wishful thinking. Wishful thinking never solved anything. The longer you fuckers believe some fairytale creature is going to help you to do this and do that and cure this and sort that one out, the longer you are going to be seen as a big fucking joke.

One thing I can tell you, yes you bastards who believe you are all doing this for your fucking god, is that none of your problems are going to go away because you believe, have faith, or pray. All those things that bothers you, will still be there staring you in the face tomorrow morning when you wake up. You have to do better than just pray or believe or have faith.

One last thing, when a scientist invents something new that changes your life for the better, don’t be so fucking arrogant as to give the credit to your god. Your god is only a figment of your imagination. It had nothing to do with what a scientist invented somewhere else.

And for fuck’s sake, if I have to sit next to another fucking wanker on a plane who fucking prays before takeoff and before landing, and after landing, and during turbulence, to some fucking god to please keep the plane in the air, then I am really going to start laughing my arse off. You people are fucking pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, all of you people who believe in some sort of fairytale, and who then try to force your fairytale’s rules on others.

Shame on all of you who try to pass laws that rapes other people’s basic human rights.

Shame on all of you who try to teach our children the same fucked up doctrine that you are brainwashed in.

Shame on all of you who try to lie about the findings of science because it exposes your fairytale for what it really is: a fairytale.

Shame on all of you who are willing to use violence when your doctrine gets the treatment it deserves when you try to force it upon others: namely lots of laughter and ridicule.

Shame on all of you who will lie and use deceit in the name of your fairytale master, for your own selfish purposes.

Shame on all of you who withhold basic medical treatment to people because of some bullshit written in your ancient fairytale book.

Shame on all of you who maim your children because some fairytale creature demands it.

Shame on all of you who piss on my childrens’ right to get a proper education without your fairytale creature’s doctrine in our schools.

Shame on all of you who believe you are doing good, while you are actually making the world a much worst place than it has to be, because of your bat-shit crazy beliefs.

Shame on all of you who are actually supporting doctrines that are responsible for the manslaughter of millions of innocent people, all because you don’t believe in condoms or birth control. And a big: “Go fuck yourself” if you believe that condoms and birth control is wrong, and that it is right for your bat-shit crazy church to tell poor people it is wrong, while you and your spouse are using it yourself. You should be really fucking ashamed of yourself.

Shame on you all who give money to religious organizations who protect their own pedophile employees and actually assist them in raping more children in other unsuspecting communities all over the world.

Shame on all of you who pretend that your fairytale creature is a force for good in other people’s lives.

Shame on all of you who bow down on your knees and pray for the salvation of others, whom you actually despise, but feel inclined to because your fairytale creature is all about the “love”.

Shame on all of you who choose to remain ignorant about the world around you, and believe that intolerance is your god given right and duty.

Shame on all of you who followed your religious organization blindly while they were brutally killing people who were different than you, because they told you your god says it is the right thing to do.

Shame on all of you who refuse to listen to reason.

Shame on all of you who believe you can do anything at all, no matter how wrong, and then get the slate wiped clean by a prayer and a ritual, and then start all over again.

Shame on all of you who leave reason and accountability to others who will decide for you what is right and what is wrong, and what you can and cannot do.

Shame on all of you who give your children a crutch and believe it is the right thing to do for them, because your fairytale creature will look after them when you can’t.

Shame on all of you who are so fucking ignorant that you truly believe a prayer to your fairytale creature will keep the plane you are about to take of in stay in the air.

Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!